BGT is back!

Episode 1 Sat 13 Apr 7PM

Episode 1

We laughed, we cried, we cringed and we finally got Simon up on stage. All that and it was only the first show!


Episode 2 Sat 20 Apr 8PM

Episode 2

Dancers, singers and a celebrity impersonator made this a show to remember but with the tension on the panel, this was the episode that saw two Judges walk out!

Everyone gets involved in Episode 3

Episode 3 Sat 27 Apr 7PM

Episode 3

The Judges played aeroplanes and Ant put a pineapple on his head. Episode 3 was all about the interaction!

The bar is raised even higher in Episode 4

Episode 4 Sat 4 May 8PM

Episode 4

We're past the auditions' halfway mark and tonight's show proved the Judges are going to have their work cut out in the next round. Top talent included Alex Keirl, J-Unity and Martin and Marielle.

More surprises in Episode 5

Episode 5 Sat 11 May 8PM

Episode 5

Glamorous granny Kelly Fox was among the awesome acts surprising the Judges in Episode 5. Dance troupes dominated and Philip Green made quite an impression.

The animals take centre stage in Episode 6

Episode 6 Sat 18 May 8PM

Episode 6

Could an artistic donkey win this year's BGT? It seems not in Episode 6.

It's the BIG reveal in Episode 7!

Episode 7 Sun 26 May 8PM

Episode 7

Exciting times as the final acts audition and the Judges reveal who has made it through to the live semi-finals!

Intense! It's the first semi-final

Episode 8 Mon 27 May 7:30PM

Episode 8

It's official! Arisxandra and Richard and Adam are the first BGT 2013 finalists!

Gabz and Jack Carroll are through!

Episode 9 Tue 28 May 7:30PM

Episode 9

With Jack Carroll taking the audience vote, Gabz picked up four yeses from the Judges sending Jack and Cormac home.

Luminites and Pre-skool make the grade

Episode 10 Thu 30 May 10PM

Episode 10

There's a packed stage for the third final announcement as Luminites and Pre-Skool go through.

The girls go through in the fourth live semi-final

Episode 11 Tue 28 May 4:12PM

Episode 11

Asanda and Francine, the little girl with the huge stage presence and Katie Price's stage double, are in the final.

It's love thing in the final semi

Episode 12 Thu 30 May 5:36PM

Episode 12

Attraction and heart-throb Jordan make it into the final in Episode 12 - swoon!

The one where Attraction won BGT 2013!

Episode 13 Sat 8 Jun 7:30PM

Episode 13

They were all stars tonight but there could only be one winner - Attraction!