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James Hobley the new Billy Elliot? Added 08 May

There was not a dry eye in the house after James Hobley had finished his audition.
James Hobley the new Billy Elliot?

The 11-year-old leapt and bound around the Got Talent stage with the poise and finesse of a dancer twice his age.

Amanda fought back the tears as she praised the youngster for his effort and attitude.

“You are an extraordinary dancer, I just applaud you,” she beamed: “it was incredible!”

Watch James' amazing audition again here

Watch our backstage interview with James here

Dancing for James, who lives in Redcar with his mum, dad and brothers, is a release. Incredibly, until three and a half years ago when he began dancing, the talented lad - who is autistic -- wore orthopaedic shoes  and splints on his legs. 

We caught up with the twinkle-toed lad shortly after his impressive audition, to find out why dancing is such a big part of his life.

“It all started when a leaflet dropped through the door at home. My mum asked me if I’d like to try dancing, I said yes, and it all took off from there.”

James goes to dance lessons up to five times a week, and cites ballet and disco amongst his favourite styles.

“I love the feeling of dancing; it makes me feel free, like I can do anything!” he told us: “I also like learning about control and technique, it is everything to me!”

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