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60 seconds with BGT's Arnie Schwarzenegger Added 16 May

He was sent from the future on a mission to entertain.
60 seconds with BGT's Arnie Schwarzenegger

You saw him briefly on Saturday night, but would you like to know more about the real Stuart Arnold?

Then make like the extra impaled to the wall by Arnie’s big knife and “STICK AROUND”.

As we prepare for 60 seconds with The Entertaininator!

How would you describe your act?

A unique and exciting way to present variety to the British public, I’m here to fulfil my mission and entertain the people!

Have you ever fooled anyone into believing you are Arnie in real life?

Yes I fooled a taxi driver in Ireland, and spent 20 minutes on the phone to his boss convincing him that The Terminator was in the back of his cab!

What would Mr Schwarzenegger make of your act?

I think he would laugh about it and probably find it pretty funny! I’m hoping that one day he’ll see my act and genuinely enjoys it.

What’s your favourite Schwarzenegger quote?

It’s got to be: “GET TO DER CHOPPA!”

Not: “I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle?”

Also a good ‘un!

If you could be Arnie or Bublé for the day who would you be?

Probably Arnie... although the Bublénator would be pretty cool!

Where else can humans see you perform?

You can book me for any occasion - from parties to corporate gigs: “I’LL BE THERE!”

Want to see more of Stuart Arnold? Check out our backstage interview

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